Also I can’t sit down I need to stand and pace

4.16.14: Jussi Jokinen scores to tie the game at 1.

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Hockey honestly takes multiple years off my life with every game

Fuck you Mike Milbury

Did you honestly play hockey? Especially DEFENSE

that wasn’t good defense around Fleury on either goal- and the second one was on a power play you dummy

A goalie is your last line of defense not EVERY LEVEL OF DEFENSE


After one of the lightening got hit on an offsides play Stamkos went over and got in a scrum with a bunch of Canadiens and the announcers are praising him
When Crosby does the same thing they rip him apart



4.16.14- Sid and Geno during pregame warmups

Reminding me that if I live in pittsburgh I can watch on roots

Are you stupid? If I had roots I certainly wouldn’t be watching you dumb-dumbs on NBCSports

I’m gonna throw up, I’m gonna throw up, I’m gonna throw up

it’s here

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marc-andré fleury kicking ass in juniors (x)

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As the Penguins prepare for the playoffs, their goal is to reach the top of the mountain, something they’ve been preparing for since training camp.